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They say that one does not “judge a book by its cover” but in Mage’s opinion nothing could be further from the truth! This is why we have at our disposal the services of three of Europe’s finest design artists who, between them, will create a stunning book cover that will make a client’s volume leap off the shelf! Our three artists are:- Anthony Steers (France), Kay Whitacker (Spain) and Lee Thompson (UK).

While clients are at liberty to choose their own titles, we feel that “My Story” by A.N. Other is a little dull and unexciting. Mage Publishing believes that titles are very important, and left to our own devices we try to come up with something that reflects the character and the experiences of the individual client.  For example “A Very Genial Gentleman” would suit a male genealogist, while “Fast Lady” might suit a female sprinter.  All titles are wide open for discussion and in all cases the client will have the last word on the subject.  Get your family and friends involved and find an appropriate title for your book!