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Option 1
It is understood that some clients may require no more than a single copy of their book to be passed around the family and handed down to future generations.

To produce such a volume on A4 120 gram art paper with up to eight photographic plates, bound in top quality Moroccan leather, appropriately embossed and engraved, the fee of £300 is applicable, plus the writer’s fee of £3,500.  In total, £3,800.

Option 2
Some clients may be more ambitious and might like the idea of being able to circulate the book among their friends, have copies placed in libraries, including the National Library Archive at Boston Spa. Indeed they may wish to sell copies to local book shops and other interested parties.  Thus, as a second option Mage Publishing would undertake to provide the client with 50 A5 paper-back copies, bar coded and with the all important ISBN number.

Covers would be printed full colour on 180 gram glossy art card with the text printed on industry standard 90 gram paper. Eight photographic plates would be included, but whereas with the single volume option photographs could be in colour or monochrome, the paperback option would be restricted to black and white images only.  The price for this option is £1,100 plus the writer’s fee of £3,500.  In total, £4,600.

Option 3
A third option would be to have the 50 paperbacks plus the single leather bound A4 volume, in which case the price becomes £1,400 plus the writer’s fee of £3,500.  In total, £4,900.