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On behalf of Mage Publishing and Creative Memoirs, much published author James Christie will undertake the task of writing a detailed biography/memoir of your life and experiences. This is what makes our service so special. Remember, you provide us with the information and we do the writing! In our busy, modern world, few of us have the time and patience to spend the many, many long hours necessary to collate the dates, facts and incidents that make a life a life, and to weave them into a cohesive, readable story.  This is where the skills of our author come into play, using his expertise and the experience acquired from his years of writing highly acclaimed biographies.

You may choose to have your whole life story narrated or to concentrate on a specific incident that has had some life changing effect.  There is a degree of flexibility depending upon subject and requirements, but each book would be in the region of 50,000 words with the facility to include eight photographic plates.  If the client so desires, there could be as many as four pictures or photographs reproduced on any one plate.

Information would be gathered from the client by way of personal interview and electronic media exchange.   The client would have the choice of having the book written as a biography or an autobiography; Mage recommends the first option as it is more acceptable to have “nice things” said about you by a third party than to say nice things about yourself!

At the completion of the first draft the client would be given the opportunity to read and edit the manuscript before work began on the printer’s final proof copy.  No edits, amendments or alterations could be made after this point in the proceedings.